About Photograph Andalucia tutor, Rob Bell.

Rob is a successful photographer with 30 years’s experience. Rob is originally from Weymouth in Dorset but now lives in the beautiful village of Torrox. He has a great passion for photography and capturing unique moments in time. He is inspired by his love of nature,the wonderful sights, colours and shapes that surround him every day. While you are enjoying your holiday here in Andalucia, with it’s rich history and culture as well as amazing architecture, Rob will be here to help you improve your photography with a practical hands on approach whatever your skill level may be.


Photograph Andalucia welcome guests who would like to learn how to turn a good smartphone photograph into a GREAT smartphone photograph.

Bring your cameras and smartphones and get expert tuition and a fun way to learn how to use the camera on your phones to the best of it’s ability.

Visit inspirational locations and see the world in smaller details. capture the sights through your eyes and then decide which piece of beauty you’d like to capture through the lens. Explore, delight and enjoy your holiday whilst enjoying your art.

“We enjoyed seeing the ‘real’ Spain and staying in a traditional white village.To be able to capture the Easter processions was awe inspiring. Our tutor Rob was very patient, friendly and is an extremely accomplished photographer.The house we stayed in was lovely and in a fantastic location within the heart of the village.We had a delicious mixture of traditional Andalucian food and loved the bars and restaurants we visited. We really enjoyed the activities very much.”

Photograph Andalucia Easter Holiday. April 2018.

“Torrox is a beautiful place to visit. Our group was great and i learned so much about my camera and photography from Rob. He is a super teacher for both the more skilled photographer as well as novices. He was so patient and made each day lots of fun too.”

Colin. September 2018.

” Rob is an awesome tutor. This was not my first photography holiday i have been on but Rob was by far the best teacher i have had. He was always present, giving tips, advice, instruction and was always listening to the groups different needs.”

Susan. September 2018.

Responsible Tourism

Photograph Andalucia’s Sustainable Tourism Policy

We recognise that the environment, the community and the culture within which we operate and our relationship with local organisations, businesses and individuals is vital to the success of our business. We therefore commit in the long term to:

Minimising the direct environmental impact of our operations and being proactively involved in activities that work to protect the natural environment.

Working with our customers and other relevant interested parties, to understand and respect the needs of local people and our suppliers

In support of the above we will work to:

  • Support our local economy by bringing business to our area.
  • Support community tourism initiatives in our village to bolster people’s pride in their culture
  • Small groups minimise the impact on the environment
  • Use locally owned traditional accommodation
  • Raise the awareness of this policy amongst our customers and suppliers
  • Use wherever possible organic fruit and vegetables or locally grown produce in season
  • Inform our customers of the history and culture of our area
  • Always behave in an environmentally responsible manner, for example take litter home with us.


Your hosts

Paul and Victoria are the owners of Photograph Andalucia and are the initial point of contact from the first enquiry until the return to the airport. They are on hand, along with Rob, to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible.



“Fabulous locations,great organisation and lovely people. Everything about this holiday is wonderful. Book it! you won’t regret it ever.”

Max and Margaret. September 2018.

” I am reborn….simply the best holiday i have ever been on!”

Manuela. May 2017.